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Crafted to be one of a kind!

Millennium Interior Custom Designs


Owner/ Custom Builder: Terrance Campbell (over 20 years of experience) 


Areas of expertise:  Custom building

Millennium Interior Custom Designs proudly serves residential and commercial clients across South Florida


At Millennium Interior Custom Designs, our goal is to provide complete residential and commercial services that are both professional and creative. We strive to make sure your home or business reflect your personal style. Whether your taste is modern, contemporary or traditional, our team has the ability to assist you effectively. 

Millennium has a well-deserved reputation that correlates with the most innovative and beautiful designs. We were offered the platform to construct a music studio for world renowned South Florida music artist, FloRida and our outstanding work manifested into numerous opportunities. We specialize in unique installation that fits your space and incorporates your desire. Regardless of budget or space, we provide a seamless custom design from concept to completion.